Warlingham High School

Kingsley Roofing London (KRL) have undertaken many projects in the education sector, including schools, academies, and universities. This School building with flat roofs required re-roofing and was to be completed during the end term time and over school summer holidays. This meant that for the first fortnight, KRL was required to work with students and staff of the  school on site and full safeguarding measures were implemented. We instigated a proactive plan, including avoiding deliveries at peak times such as the beginning and end of school day and break times, as well as using exclusion zones or working only in restricted access areas, and using barriers and signage to limit access to working areas. All KRL operatives and management were DBS Enhanced checked and cleared. When exams and lessons were occurring near areas of work, we avoided work and worked at weekends in order to compete works and avoid disruption to students. We completed the most disruptive works after 3pm on workdays once  students had left site. We finished the work before the school students restarted in September, which was within project demands.

In addition to the original scope of works of a 20 Year Insurance-Backed Guaranteed Built Up Felt Roof, we assisted with installing new cable trays, upgrading the 11 rooflights, installing Tapered Insulation to create upgraded waterproofing. This prevented the client from having to engage other subcontractors, and KRL achieved the time deadline despite the additional works, over delivering on their objectives whilst remaining in budget and time constraints. Additionally, KRL also discovered some potential asbestos around some flues, but arranged removal by a licenced contractor before works continued.

KRL followed all of their procedures to ensure a smooth project. Communication was frequent with the client and the school staff where appropriate to ensure that the project ran to everyone’s expectations. We believe that information sharing and communication is vital to the successful delivery of projects and Warlingham School was no different. We also followed all our general H&S procedures and had no incidents on site. Toolbox talks were given as appropriate to maintain safety culture and provide appropriate reminders on H&S issues. Our Site Manager monitored quality and H&S as per our procedure and the outcome was safe work producing a high standard of roofing. We acted as Principle Contractor and fulfilled all our duties under CDM 2015 Regulations.