Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

We focus on enhancing the infrastructure of educational institutions through the Condition Improvement Fund.

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Understanding the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

The Condition Improvement Fund is a vital government initiative under the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). It offers annual bidding opportunities for academies and sixth-form colleges to secure essential capital funding.

This funding is dedicated to improving building conditions, ensuring compliance with building regulations, and adhering to health and safety standards.

CIF allows educational institutions to submit proposals for up to two projects in each funding round, aiming to address infrastructure needs and enhance facility quality.
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Our Role in CIF

Kingsley Roofing London has a longstanding relationship with educational institutions, collaborating with schools, colleges, and academies.

We work closely with a network of CIF consultants and have achieved an impressive success rate of over 94% in bid submissions over the past four years.

Complimentary Expert Guidance

We offer free expert advice and comprehensive bid submission services to key stakeholders in educational institutions.

Tailored Bid Submissions

Our submissions are robust and closely aligned with CIF guidelines, enhancing the likelihood of securing funding.

Specialised in Winning Bids

Our team specialises in creating compelling bids that incorporate substantial evidence and strategic elements, significantly boosting the chances of success.

How Kingsley Roofing London Stands Out

Diverse Expertise

Our team of specialists in CIF and School Condition Allocation (SCA) brings over three decades of experience in the education sector.

Optimising Fund Utilisation

We pride ourselves on delivering value for money, effectively using funds to maximise their impact.

Our Comprehensive Services

Roof Asset Management Plan

Implementing a structured Traffic Light System to address roofing needs over 1 to 5 years.

Site Survey

 Conducting thorough site examinations for informed decision-making.

Core Samples

Using core samples to understand structural integrity and potential issues.

Moisture Mapping

Advanced techniques to reveal hidden damage, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of roof conditions.

Continuous Project Reports

Providing regular, detailed reports to keep stakeholders updated.


Strategic planning and coordination for project efficiency and timely completion.

Establishing Project Needs

Identifying essential project requirements through our services.

CIF Bid Assistance

Offering complete support for CIF bid submissions, enhancing competitiveness and alignment with requirements.

Recent Projects

Edenbridge Memorial
Health Centre

Edenbridge Memorial Health Centre

This project exemplifies Kingsley's commitment to quality, precision, and adaptability. The team’s meticulous attention to detail, from material selection to daily sealing procedures, guaranteed a flawless waterproof finish. Their ability to adjust to different roof types and challenges showcased their versatility and problem-solving skills.
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Plough Lane, Wimbledon, London

With over 14,000 square metres of blue roof system this is believed to be the largest blue roofing project in London, to date, and one of the largest in the country.
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Alexandra School
This school re-roofing project serves as a testament to Kingsley's expertise in managing complex, time-sensitive projects within the education sector.
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At Kingsley Roofing London, we are dedicated to supporting educational institutions in their endeavour to secure CIF funding, contributing to the enhancement of educational environments.

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