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Leading the way for sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and water-efficient roof solutions.

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Green/Blue Roofing Solutions

Welcome to Kingsley Roofing London, your trusted choice for innovative roofing solutions. We specialise in the installation of Green Roofs and Blue Roofs, transforming ordinary rooftops into sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and water-efficient spaces.

At the close of 2021, we embarked on what would be the largest green and blue roof installation project in the UK, encompassing over 22,000 square meters of blue, green, and bio-diverse (brown) roofing systems, complemented by the integration of photovoltaic solar panels.

Leveraging our expertise in roofing systems, we meticulously designed and executed this complex installation, achieving successful completion within a timeframe of just over 16 months.

The project included the incorporation of podiums and comprehensive hard and soft landscaping elements.   Our client had also specified non-combustible insulation. We went to one of our partners and gave them the project brief and specification. They provided us with a full specification for the product as well as U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis.

You can read more about this roof in our case study below.
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Bringing nature to new heights

Green Roofs, also known as sedum roofs, grass roofs, or living roofs, are a revolutionary approach to roofing. They involve the partial or complete coverage of rooftops with plants and vegetation, creating a lush and eco-friendly environment.

Environmental Sustainability

Green Roofs reduce carbon footprint by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. They enhance biodiversity by providing a habitat for birds and insects.

Energy Efficiency

Green Roofs act as a natural insulator, reducing heating and cooling costs. They mitigate the urban heat island effect, keeping the building and surrounding area cooler.

Stormwater Management

Green Roofs absorb and retain rainwater, reducing runoff and preventing flooding. They filters pollutants from rainwater, improving water quality.

Aesthetic Appeal

Green Roofs enhance the visual appeal of the building and the surrounding landscape. They can create a green oasis in urban environments.

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Controlling Rainwater with Precision

Blue Roofs are designed to control rainwater where it lands. The blue roof outlet restricts the discharge of stormwater to a calculated and defined flow rate, significantly slowing down the volume of water leaving the site. Water continues to discharge from the roof at a controlled rate over a set period, typically up to 48 hours.

Stormwater Management

Blue Roofs control the flow of rainwater, preventing overwhelming of drainage systems.  They reduces the risk of flooding and erosion.

Water Conservation

Blue Roofs maximise the use of rainwater for landscaping or other non-potable purposes. They promote sustainable water practices.

Urban Planning Compliance

Blue Roofs meet and exceed local regulations for stormwater management. They demonstrate a commitment to environmentally responsible construction.

Flexibility in Design

Blue Roofs are a daptable to various building structures and designs. They can be integrated with other roofing systems seamlessly.

Why choose Kingsley Roofing London?

At Kingsley Roofing London, we are renowned for leading the way in roofing innovation, particularly in the realm of Green and Blue Roofing solutions. Pioneers in adopting these eco-friendly systems, we stand as one of the first businesses in the UK to embrace and expertly implement these sustainable roofing practices.

Our trailblazing approach is further evidenced by our successful completion of some of the country’s largest and most complex Green and Blue Roofing projects. These achievements not only highlight our commitment to environmental sustainability but also demonstrates our capability to handle large-scale, innovative roofing endeavours with expertise and precision.

Recent Projects

Edenbridge Memorial
Health Centre

Edenbridge Memorial Health Centre

This project exemplifies Kingsley's commitment to quality, precision, and adaptability. The team’s meticulous attention to detail, from material selection to daily sealing procedures, guaranteed a flawless waterproof finish. Their ability to adjust to different roof types and challenges showcased their versatility and problem-solving skills.
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Plough Lane, Wimbledon, London

With over 14,000 square metres of blue roof system this is believed to be the largest blue roofing project in London, to date, and one of the largest in the country.
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Alexandra School
This school re-roofing project serves as a testament to Kingsley's expertise in managing complex, time-sensitive projects within the education sector.
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